Lee Chuan Seng
President SGBC
Why Green Buildings makes Good Business Sense

Background to green buildings in Singapore
Examples of projects and the estimated savings for each project
BCA studies of additional costs and payback periods
Examples of green leases and other innovative business proposals by developers submitting for Green Mark

Through this presentation, we will be able to understand how a building is classified as Green and the savings that are achievable. Green Buildings do make good business sense.About the speaker...

Nicholas Wyman
Chief Executive
How Green Apprenticeships integrate with Workforce Development

Understanding the drivers and motivators of the next generation of employees and harnessing their interest in a sustainable economy is driving change through organisations. Greenskills are the innovative skills that will be needed to adapt to climate change. Critical to an organisations success will be the ability to align the workforce to current and future service demands. Through the unique mentored apprenticeship model, employers can harness this engagement toward productivity.About the speaker...

Ms Rani Virdee, Managing Director
Asia Pacific, Carbon Neutral Company
Towards a Green Business Solution

“A strong scientific consensus is calling for reduction in GHGs of 80% from 1990 levels by mid-century as an imperative to mitigate the risks of catastrophic climate change. - ... the global GHG footprint being the sum of all emissions arising from businesses and individuals around the globe indicates that we all have a responsibility to deliver absolute reductions in green house gases.”

Companies taking action today are delivering real business value and future proofing by acting ahead of regulation

A Company’s CarbonNeutral journey provides a credible solution that is open to any climate-responsible business because it:
respects the science in delivering a stable climate
provides opportunities to differentiate
enables evolution of a corporate environmental strategy to one that sets targets and invests in the lowest cost combination of internal and external reductions in GHG emissions
About the speaker...

Teo Lay Lim
Managing Director for Accenture Sustainability Services – Asia Pacific & Country Managing Director, Singapore
Embedding Sustainability into the Workplace

Whilst Sustainability is a global imperative, the key drivers can be somewhat different in APAC compared to other parts of the world. Whereas energy efficiency is as much of a driver for Asia as it is for Europe and Americas, overall awareness and consumer sensitivity to sustainability issues as well as demand for more sustainable products and services appear to be less mature in many Asian countries.

Accenture in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) has just completed the largest global CEO survey on sustainability of its kind to date. The study examines CEOs’ shifting perceptions of the importance of sustainability, as well as gauges the progress that has been made in integrating environmental, social and governance issues into core strategies. About the speaker...