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An average meeting delegate produces 61 pounds of solid waste, uses 846 gallons of water, and produces 1419 pounds of green house gas emissions. Each piece of paper used is equivalent to burning a 60W light bulb for one hour.
* Source: Meeting Strategies Worldwide

The NSC 2010 is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability values. The needs of the conference will be met in a way that does not impact the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The conference organisation has set targets to minimise the environmental footprint of the event in the areas of transport, food, materials and energy and waste use of building by ensuring low-carbon and social sustainability principles.

We will take action to reduce the carbon emissions of participants’ travel. The conference will be held at a hotel that is easily accessible by public transport, so that travel distances during the conference are minimised. We will be encouraging foreign guests and participants to arrange their accommodation at the same hotel. This is in order to eliminate the need for daily travel to and from the conference venue. Planning a sustainable journey should be as simple as possible. Please click here for the link to travel information. Trains are by far the best means of transportation to reach the conference venue.

We will serve less meat-intensive food by including a menu that is predominantly vegetarian. Jugs of water will be provided instead of bottled water. We will eliminate the use of disposables for the lunch and coffee breaks. To reduce waste, small packages will be avoided, e.g. for cream and sugar.

We will keep the use of materials and their impact on the environment to a minimum. Wherever possible we will economise on the use of material or we will choose those materials with the smallest harm to the environment, such as recycled products (for writing materials etc).

Waste will be minimised by recycling and choosing products with a minimum of packaging. We will print only as many documents as we need to ensure that participants can fully follow the conference, and we will ensure that recycling of paper, plastic and cans are conducted daily after the conference session ends.

Social Sustainability
It is important that as far as possible people of all ages, gender and regions have the ability to attend the meeting or profit from the presentations and panels. Therefore the price for attending will be lower for students.

Air-conditioning temperatures will be set to 25°C.

Adapted from “Implementing Sustainability in Conferences: Recommendations Applied to the Alliance for Global Sustainability Annual Meeting 2009” by The Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS)